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29 Sep

As a graduate student, sometimes it is easier to waste away my evening on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, rather than read for school or sit down and do some of my own writing.

I’ve always wondered why people write what they do as their statuses. Facebook supplies me with an endless stream of information on the people I know and love, the people I possibly know and like, and even some people I don’t know at all.

I know who has recently broken up with their significant others, who needs to clean out their car, who has a house full of screaming children during a holiday party. New updates get posted every second; some get read by many people, others are barely noticed.

The Story Behind the Status aims to question what the motivations are behind every post we share on social media sites. For my third semester project, I plan on compiling and creating an anthology of writing based off of a Facebook status or a Twitter post. We all know the meanings behind our updates, and this project will showcase the art that comes from using social media updates as a prompt to create creative nonfiction.

Yes, I’m studying Facebook and Twitter in graduate school. Want to know more? Come back tomorrow to find out how the project all began.

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